Reeses Barkery & Pawtique is our first retail adventure, we opened in 2006. We wanted to do a pet barkery & pawtique after getting our chocolate lab and researching pet foods. We also wanted to feed the best food to our lab, Reeses. We are an independent animal service and supply store, specializing in pet food and accessories. We truly care about animals and want the best for your dogs and cats.

Reeses is our talker & Daisy May is our little devil, both get along great together. They love the food and treats they get from Reeses Barkery.

​We added a new member to the family Ebby Lu a black lab. She gets along great with Daisy May. Ebby loves coming to the store and greeting everone.

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1313 N Riverside Dr, McHenry - 815.363.7297
Reeses 3/17/05 to 12/23/16
Daisy May 10/9/06
Ebby Lu 3/15/17